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Mr. Moutaz Al Soufi

About the Founder & the Company

Mr. Moutaz Al Soufi, had the foundation of Al Soufi in 1982 with a single retail outlet in Ras Al Khaimah. Currently, Al Soufi has become a well-known brand in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and evolved into multi stores across the UAE.Al Soufi is operating retail outlets and a huge production factory to produce the high quality products. A wide variety of the roastery products are manufactured in its own factory and then distributed in outlets, hotels, resorts and government sectors across the UAE.

Al Soufi will continue investing in up-graded manufacturing and packing lines which highlights our commitment to remaining highly competitive in all areas of business.

The Company is certified with ISO22000:2005, HACCP & DAC.

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Mr. Feras Al Soufi

Managing Director

Mr. Feras Al Soufi completed his MBA in business management. The Company is flourishing to wide its business by utilizing his huge experience in the fields of Food stuff, FMCG, Retail & whole sales and Production too. He has formulated the following core values for the organization:

i. Integrity: focusing on what is right for both the organization and the people involved. Take responsibility for exercising judgment and balancing competing interests toward an overall goal.

ii. Innovation: To continously strive to go beyond the expected by developing new products that surprise and delight our customers.

iii. Quality: To deliver consistent quality through a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business without ever losing focus on our customers and consumers plus their needs.

iv. Trust: to earn the trust and loyalty of our consumers, customers, employees and partners through honesty and integrity which lie at the heart of everything we do.

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